7 Ways to Use Uber with MARTA

It’s Friday night, and you’re feeling alright. The party is on the westside, or maybe Midtown or Buckhead and you don’t want to drive. So what do you do when MARTA isn’t convenient or you plan to be out past 1 a.m.?

Uber, the app that connects people to a driver with a touch of a button, is a great solution. Paired with MARTA, you can save money and have an easier time making that first or last leg of your trip. Plus, Uber is a 24-hour service, so it can get you home after MARTA trains shut down for the night.

To get started, here are some of the best ways MARTA and Uber can join together for a smart commute.

1. Nightlife

Many of Atlanta’s nightlife venues are located near the Peachtree Center, North Avenue, Midtown, Arts Center and Buckhead MARTA stations. If you’re heading out for the night, have Uber drop you off at your closest MARTA station and/or take Uber home to have extra safety (or if it is after 1:30 a.m.).

Getting to the bars and clubs on Edgewood Avenue is also a good use for Uber. Request a car at the King Memorial or Peachtree Center MARTA station for the shortest (and cheapest) commutes.

2. Airport

Don’t want to ask a friend or family member to trek down to the airport late at night or during rush hour to pick you up or drop you off? Uber has you covered. Either request a car and get dropped off at your closest MARTA station or if you’re arriving at the airport, request a car once you reach the baggage claim area.

As another option to save some cash, arriving passengers can take MARTA to the station closest to their final destination and request a car there. A three-mile trip on uberX is less than $10. Sure beats that $50 taxi ride.

3. Megabus

A popular question is, “Is there parking near the Megabus?” The answer is no. But, the Megabus picks up and drops off passengers at the Civic Center MARTA station, so if you can get to MARTA rail, travel is a breeze. Have Uber drop you off at the closest MARTA station (preferably on the red or gold line) or at the Civic Center station itself. If you are arriving on the Megabus late at night and are concerned about reaching your parked car or getting home, Uber is another great solution.

4. Regional Travel

Alpharetta, Marietta, Norcross, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Gwinnett, Cobb, Clayton… we’re talking about you. MARTA’s end-of-the-line rail stations don’t extend outside of Fulton and Dekalb counties, making travel in the region a little tricky. Instead of paying for full fare for a car service or waiting on a regional bus, use MARTA with Uber. Head to the North Springs station for closest access to Alpharetta and destinations up Ga. 400. The Doraville MARTA station provides a short commute to Gwinett, Norcross, Lilburn and Lawrenceville. For Cobb County’s Cumberland Mall area, connect with Uber at the Midtown or Medical Center MARTA stations.

5. Stone Mountain Park

Getting to Stone Mountain Park on MARTA is not an easy task. It involves a long train ride, long bus ride and a complicated walk. It’s much better to take MARTA rail as far as you can then request a car. For the shortest/best commute, connect with Uber at the Avonalde (blue line), Indian Creek (blue line) or Doraville (gold line) MARTA stations.

6. Lakewood Amphitheatre

The Lakewood MARTA station is closest to the Lakewood Amphitheatre, but is a bus ride away. If you’d rather not ride the bus, request a car at the station to get to the concert venue and use the UberPool option for a shared ride with other MARTA commuters at the Lakewood station.

7. Sweetwater Brewery

Atlanta likes its craft and local beer, and the Sweetwater Brewery, home of 420, has events and tours all year long. The Lindbergh Center MARTA station is nearby, but unless you want to walk 30 minutes, request an Uber car there so neither you or your friends have to be the designated driver.