Westside Provisions

MARTA to the Westside Provisions District

Westside Provisions is a dining and shopping destination in West Midtown, in and around the 1910 White Provision Co. building. The area is very modern-industrial with renovated buildings as well as new construction along active freight railroad tracks. Some of Atlanta's top restaurants can be found here or across the street, including Marcel, JCT Kitchen … Continue reading MARTA to the Westside Provisions District

Virginia-Highland Atlanta neighborhood

MARTA to Virginia-Highland

Virginia-Highland is one of the more popular and walkable neighborhoods in Atlanta, full of restaurants, bars, boutique shops and nightlife. With a CVS Pharmacy, hardware store, post office, exercise studios and nearby grocery stores, it is also one of the few places where it is relatively easy to live without a car. Don't miss the … Continue reading MARTA to Virginia-Highland