MARTA Station Guides

What’s near MARTA? Lots of things. Find out where to eat, what to see and what do around the MARTA stations.


Atlanta airportThe Airport MARTA station connects directly to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport next to the domestic baggage claim and provides service to downtown Atlanta in under 20 minutes.

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Arts Center

High Museum of ArtThe Arts Center MARTA station is surrounded by art venues, office buildings and a historic turn-of-the-century neighborhood. It is a great spot to book a hotel or enjoy the sights.

Arts Center Station Guide
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TMLK Drive near Ashbyhe area around the Ashby MARTA station is very walkable, with restaurants, parks and housing nearby. It is in a less affluent part of the city, but may redevelop due to the BeltLine.

Ashby Station Guide
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East Decatur StationThe Avondale MARTA is in a residential area near downtown Decatur and Avondale Estates. Don’t miss the Dekalb Farmer’s market and East Decatur Station.

Avondale Station Guide
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Bankhead MARTA StationThe Bankhead MARTA station is at the end of the green rail line in a residential area near West Midtown. Maddox Park across the street provides access to the BeltLine trail.

Bankhead Station Guide


Brookhaven MARTA stationA popular location for families and young professionals, the Brookhaven MARTA station is near Lenox Square, Town Brookhaven and the Brookhaven Village.

Brookhaven Station Guide
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BuckheadThe Buckhead MARTA station is near hotels, restaurants, offices and retail including Lenox Square Mall.

Buckhead Station Guide
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Candler Park

Radial CafeThe Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station is located in a residential area near several parks and the original Flying Biscuit Cafe.

Candler Park Station Guide
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Chamblee MARTA StationThe Chamblee MARTA station is northeast of downtown Atlanta in a residential and semi-industrial part of town with a variety of housing, parks and retail.

Chamblee Station Guide
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Civic Center

Civic Center StationThe Civic Center MARTA station is in between downtown and midtown and is a hub for regional buses and the Megabus. Nice restaurants and hotels are in walking distance.

Civic Center Station Guide
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College Park

Downtown College ParkNext to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the College Park MARTA station is across the street from historic College Park Main Street. It’s also one of the stations that offers paid overnight parking in addition to free daily parking.

College Park Station Guide
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Decatur Book FestivalThe Decatur MARTA station is underneath the Decatur Square. The area is popular with families and is highly walkable with over 50 restaurants, boutique shops and housing nearby.

Decatur Station Guide
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Dome/GWCC/Philip’s Arena/CNN

Dome MARTA StationThe Dome MARTA station provides easy access to sports venues, concerts, tourist attractions and a few hotels in a very pleasant part of downtown Atlanta.

Dome Station Guide
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Doraville MARTA StationAt the end of the gold rail line, the Doraville MARTA station is near Buford Highway and Norcross. It isn’t the most pedestrian-friendly, but does provide the opportunity to sample some of the ethnic food in the area.

Doraville Station Guide
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Dunwoody MARTA StationThe Dunwoody MARTA station is next to busy I-285 north of Atlanta. The area is semi-suburban and is a business and retail center with Perimeter Mall next to the station.

Dunwoody Station Guide
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East Lake

East Lake MARTA StationThe East Lake MARTA station is in a very quiet residential area that is popular with families. It is a good commuter station with large parking lots and there’s some fun places to eat near the station — including Revolution Doughnuts!

East Lake Station Guide
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East Point

East PointOn the south red and gold line, the East Point MARTA station is near a downtown area with businesses and restaurants.

East Point Station Guide
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Five Points

Five Points MARTA StationThe Five Points MARTA station is the transfer point between all rail lines. The surrounding area isn’t as nice as some of the other downtown stations, but the station does have a RideStore and Lost and Found Office.

Five Points Station Guide
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JHotel Rowust south of Five Points is the Garnett MARTA station in a somewhat isolated and rundown area of downtown. Next door is a Greyhound bus station and government buildings.

Garnett Station Guide
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Georgia State

Georgia CapitolThe Georgia State MARTA station provides easy access to Georgia State University and the Georgia Capitol in a quieter part of downtown Atlanta.

Georgia State Station Guide
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H.E. Holmes

H.E. Holmes StationAt the end of the blue rail line, the Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA station provides service to Six Flags. The surrounding area is residential with several apartment communities in walking distance.

H.E. Holmes Station Guide
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Indian Creek

Indian Creek StationNext to I-285, the Indian Creek MARTA station is at the end of the east, blue rail line. The area is semi-suburban and designed around cars.

Indian Creek Station Guide


Inman Park

Inman Park NeighborhoodThe Inman Park MARTA station is next to a historic area with large Victorian homes and parks. The BeltLine and Little 5 Points are also nearby.

Inman Park Station Guide
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Kensington MARTA StationThe Kensington MARTA station is primarily in a residential with large parking lots for commuters. The bus to Stone Mountain connects with this station, though it is easier to connect with a taxi or other car service here to reach the park.

Kensington Station Guide

King Memorial

King Memorial MARTA StationNext to Oakland Cemetery, the King Memorial MARTA station is in a revitalized area near several historic neighborhoods and hip nightlife spots. Several apartment and loft buildings are in walking distance.

King Memorial Station Guide
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Lakewood MARTA stationThe Lakewood MARTA station is next to Ft. McPherson and near affordable housing in south Atlanta. Buses provide service to the Lakewood Amphitheater.

Lakewood Station Guide


Apple StoreNext to Lenox Square Mall, the Lenox MARTA station is also near apartment and office buildings in a more residential part of Buckhead.

Lenox Station Guide
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Lindbergh Center

Lindbergh Center MARTA StationThe Lindbergh MARTA station is in between Midtown and Buckhead and has three parking decks. The area is popular with college students and young professionals due to the large amount of apartments nearby.

Lindbergh Center Station Guide
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Medical Center

Medical Center StationAs the name suggests, the Medical Center MARTA station is near several hospitals and medical facilities. Car traffic is typically heavy in the area, making a MARTA commute smart.

Medical Center Station Guide
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IMG_0497The Midtown MARTA station offers the best live, work, play lifestyle near MARTA. Tourist attractions, offices, restaurants and housing options are all in walking distance.

Midtown Station Guide
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North Avenue

Fox TheatreAnother popular station in Midtown Atlanta, the North Avenue MARTA station is near the historic Fox Theatre and Georgian Terrace Hotel. The area has also become a new hot spot for apartment communities.

North Avenue Station Guide
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North Springs

North Springs MARTA StationAt the end of the red line and connected to Ga. 400, the North Springs MARTA station is primarily a commuter station. One apartment community is nearby, otherwise there isn’t many destinations in walking distance.

North Springs Station Guide

Oakland City

B Complex AtlantaThe Oakland City MARTA station is in a quiet residential area south of Atlanta. It is near several parks and the Capitol View neighborhood in an affordable, yet transitional area.

Oakland City Station Guide

Peachtree Center

NHard Rock Cafeear tourist attractions, office buildings, restaurants and hotels, the Peachtree Center MARTA station is a popular downtown destination next to the Atlanta Streetcar.

Peachtree Center Station Guide
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Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs MARTA StationThe Sandy Springs MARTA station provides easy access to office buildings and shopping centers near Perimeter Mall.

Sandy Springs Station Guide
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Vine City

Castleberry HillNext to the Georgia Dome and near the new Falcons stadium, the Vine City MARTA station is a small station that serves the nearby residential area including the Castleberry Hill neighborhood.

Vine City Station Guide

West End

West End MARTA StationThe West End MARTA station is near historic neighborhoods, a mall and the BeltLine Westside Trail.

West End Station Guide
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West Lake

Westview CemeteryThe West Lake MARTA station is in a low-density residential area near the Westview Cemetery and I-20.

West Lake Station Guide