Top 5 Safest MARTA Stations in 2014

Despite perceptions of crime and dirtiness, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is one of the safest large public transportation system in the country. Online crime statistics reported by various transit agencies support this claim, with Atlanta’s transit system up to three times safer compared to transit in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, even when accounting for differences in ridership size. Multiple MARTA stations even had little to no reported crimes in 2014.

Curious which stations made the list? Read on to view the safest stations in 2014 based on MARTA’s crime analyst department. A reminder that if you see suspicious behavior or ever feel uncomfortable on MARTA, send a text message to 404-334-5355 or call 404-848-4911 to reach MARTA police. Free landline phones are also located in all the stations that connect to MARTA personnel or download and use the See and Say app.


Crimes: 6

Tied with six crimes each reported in 2014, the Chamblee, Dunwoody and Bankhead MARTA stations are on three different rail lines and are almost the entire length of the MARTA system apart from each other. The Chamblee MARTA station is next to downtown Chamblee and has large parking lots for free daily use. The Dunwoody MARTA station is next to Perimeter Mall and a number of other stores and offices on the red line, with long-term and daily parking available. Lastly, Bankhead is a small station at the end of the green rail line next to the BeltLine Westside Trail and is primarily a commuter station.

Georgia State/Avondale

Crimes: 5

The Georgia State and Avondale MARTA station on the blue rail line both had five crimes reported in 2014, making them two of the safest in the system. Georgia State is only one stop away from Five Points, the station with the most crimes in 2014, and provides easy access to Georgia State University, the Georgia Capitol and is the closest MARTA station to Grady Hospital and Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

Further down the line, Avondale is near downtown Decatur and has large parking lots for free daily parking in a residential area. East Decatur Station, a commercial district with restaurants and other businesses, is in walking distance along with Avondale Estates, though not many pedestrians are typically on the street.

King Memorial/Brookhaven

Crimes: 4

Once across from a housing project, the King Memorial MARTA station wasn’t considered to be in the safest part of Atlanta in the past. New developments have revitalized the area and may have also improved safety, especially considering the MARTA station only had four reported crimes in 2014.

Tied with the same low level of crime is the Brookhaven MARTA station on the gold rail line. Brookhaven is just northeast of Lenox Square Mall and has free daily parking and provides easy access to restaurants, apartments and amenities such as banks, nail salons and grocery stores.

Airport/Buckhead/Sandy Springs

Crimes: 3

Great news for travelers, the Airport MARTA station ranked as the second safest MARTA station in 2014 with only three reported crimes. Sharing the good track record are the Buckhead and Sandy Springs stations on the red line. The Sandy Springs MARTA station provides daily and long-term parking options next to office buildings and retail stores at Atlanta’s Perimeter. The Buckhead station doesn’t have parking, but provides easy access to the Buckhead business district and many hotels, two malls and retail stores.

Medical Center

Crimes: 0

As the safest station in 2014, the Medical Center MARTA station on the red rail line had no reported crimes. Near I-285 and next to St. Joseph’s and Northside Hospital, the Medical Center station primarily serves the area hospitals and offices. The airy station also has free daily parking in the St. Joseph’s Hospital deck and free shuttles to nearby businesses.