Navigating the Peachtree Center MARTA Station

The Peachtree Center MARTA station is in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Because of its depth underground and multiple exits and entrances, the station layout can be confusing for first-time visitors. See below for tips and information on how the station is structured to help you navigate in and out of the station with ease.

Peachtree Center Station Exits

When you get off the train, there are two main exits off the train platform marked as “To John Portman Blvd” and “To Ellis Street”. The John Portman exit (formerly Harris Street) is in the north end of the platform while the Ellis Street exit is at the south end. Both of these exits also have options to exit on the east or west side of street.

To simplify your commute, here are the top destinations near each exit:

John Portman/Peachtree Street East

John Portman/Peachtree Street West

Ellis Street/Peachtree Street East

Ellis Street/Peachtree Street West

If you end up on the wrong side of the street, then it isn’t too much of a problem. The option of choosing east or west just allows you to avoid crossing the street. Otherwise, use a crosswalk at a stoplight if needed.

A final note on the Peachtree Center station is that it contains the longest escalators in the Southeast. If you easily get motion sickness or have children/strollers, look for the elevators. If you do ride the escalators, remember to stand to the right if you aren’t going to walk up. Yes, people do walk the long trek up!

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