Navigating the Oakland City MARTA Station

The Oakland City MARTA station isn’t exactly the most popular in the system. In fact, it was one of the most dangerous MARTA stations in 2014. Located south of downtown Atlanta, the area around the station has undeveloped land, rundown buildings and few destinations to walk to unless you live nearby. But that will change in the near future. A transit-oriented development is planned next to the station that will include amenities such as apartments, a park and possibly a needed grocery store and coffee shop. Until then, walking from the station after dark isn’t recommended.

The train arrives at the Oakland City station on an elevated platform above street level. All exits go down to a central concourse area where you’ll find vending and Breeze Card machines. There are two ways to exit the station at that point: Lee Street (west) and Murphy Avenue (east). See below for destinations near each exit to plan your commute.

Lee Street

The Lee Street exit is in the southwest corner of the station and provides access to:

Murphy Avenue

A tunnel in the northeast of the station travels under freight railroad lines and leads to Murphy Avenue, but there is only a stairway exit out of the station. If you need wheelchair accessibility, exit via Lee Street and take bus 172 around to Murphy Avenue or turn right on Dill Avenue from the parking lot. Otherwise, use the Murphy Avenue exit for the following destinations:

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