Navigating the North Avenue MARTA Station

Whether you are going to a show at the Fox Theatre or a Georgia Tech football game, the North Avenue MARTA station provides easy access to both, making it a popular station for events. The layout of this underground station makes it easy to navigate, and there’s a “secret exit” that can save you time and keep you isolated from bad weather depending on your destination. See below for the major attractions and landmarks near each station exit to plan your trip.

North Avenue/West Peachtree Street

Use this exit for access to the bus routes and to reach the intersection of North Avenue and West Peachtree Street, which puts you directly across the street from the Bank of America Tower (with ATM) and the All Saints Episcopal Church. It is best to use this exit for:

Fox Theatre/AT&T Exit

Not as many people use the north station exit, so don’t be alarmed if you are one of the few. This route takes you through a small mall underneath the AT&T building to 3rd Street. Use this exit for easiest access to:

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