Navigating the H.E. Holmes MARTA Station

Originally named the Hightower station, the Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA station is the last stop on the blue, west rail line. Half of the trains on the westbound line are labeled “H.E. Holmes” after this final station destination, so you may have seen the name more than you’ve visited the station itself. Read on to learn how the station is set up and the best way to navigate it.

To start with, the Hamilton E. Holmes station is one of the above ground stations in the MARTA system and while it is large in size, the layout is simple. There are only two levels, with the fare gates and a large, open concourse on the first level (including restroom access) and trains on the second level. Whether you are arriving from the train or entering the station, all elevators, escalators and stairwells connect from the main concourse area to the train platform.

In this main concourse you can exit the station either at the bus bay or toward the parking lots in the opposite direction. Below are descriptions of the exits and what they are best used for.

Bus Exit

The main exit with signage marked “Buses” leads to all the connecting station bus routes EXCEPT for the Six Flags shuttle. Use this exit if you need to connect with the local buses and for quickest access to Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Drive and destinations near Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, including CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar and some of the area’s apartments and restaurants. After exiting the fare gate here, turn right for a set of doors leading to the parking lot and walk straight ahead to MLK Jr. Drive if you are heading to any of these places.

North Parking

You can also exit the station fare gates toward the “Parking” exit opposite the bus bay. After going through the fare gate, keep right for the north parking lot and access to the Six Flags shuttle (bus 201), Burton Road and Collier Pointe townhomes.

South Parking

Or keep left after exiting the fare gate marked “Parking”, there is access to the south parking lot and MLK Jr. Drive. Use this exit if you are walking to the Hightower Station shopping center or the Alta Pointe, Park Commons and Seven Courts apartments. This exit also provides access to the Taxi Stand and Kiss Ride parking spots for passenger drop off and pick up.

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