Navigating the Garnett MARTA Station

The Garnett MARTA station has a lot of challenges — and a lot of potential. The station itself is large and airy with great views of the city, plus is in a prime spot to serve the revitalizing Castleberry Hill neighborhood. The downside is that the surrounding area is rundown and eerily empty except for places to purchase bail bonds and hair supplies. The nearby Atlanta City Detention Center doesn’t help either.

But the station serves as a prime example of how the history of Atlanta evolved from railroad town to a car-centered one. Near the station are some of Atlanta’s oldest buildings in the Hotel Row Historic District and the former site of the Terminal Station, a large passenger rail station that once provided service to cities around the country. It was torn down not long before MARTA construction began. After flight from downtown due to the automobile and years of neglect, what that remains in the area today are government offices, dilapidated buildings and large parking lots. But some redevelopment projects might be in the works, and the Central Atlanta Progress Downtown Improvement District will be giving a makeover to the station in 2015.

If you are planning to visit Garnett, there are two ways to exit the station. The station’s main exit to the street requires a walk down a long plaza. There is also a second exit/entrance that services the Greyhound bus station. Read on to see how to use both options when arriving at the station.

To Greyhound Bus Station/Brotherton Street

At the south end of the station is an elevator and stairway/escalator exit that provides easy access to:

To Broad Street

The Broad Street exit is the main entrance/exit to the Garnett MARTA station. Use this option for easiest access to: