Navigating the Five Points MARTA Station

The Five Points MARTA station is the main transfer point between the north-south (red and gold) and east-west (blue and green) rail lines, so it is the largest, and for some, the most confusing of all the MARTA stations.  Just knowing a few key tips about the layout makes it that much easier to get around.

First, the north-south rail line is on the lowest level of the station. One level up is the east-west line, and one level above that is street level. There are plenty of signs indicating how to get to the street, eastbound, westbound, northbound or southbound train platforms, so it is helpful to know in advance what direction you need to go.

When exiting or entering the station, you also can choose from four locations along each side of the station: Peachtree Street, Forsyth Street, Alabama Street and the Broad Street Plaza. Here is how to use each exit to simplify your commute:

Peachtree Street Exit

Broad Street Plaza Exit

Forsyth Street Exit

Alabama Street

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