Navigating the Civic Center MARTA Station

On the edge of downtown, and 18 minutes away from the airport via the train, the Civic Center station is a major regional bus hub with a few restaurants, hotels and attractions in walking distance. Or if you’re looking for a place to live

On the red and gold line, two trains stop at this station, including all trains from the airport. Once at the station, all exits and entrances are on West Peachtree Street, making it easy to navigate and exit the station. Within the station you can walk between the northbound and southbound platforms as needed. At street level, the three nearby streets below are your best bets for activities, restaurants and activities.

West Peachtree Street

Immediately after exiting the station you’ll find:

If you walk south toward the downtown skyline, you’ll reach:

If you go the opposite direction on West Peachtree, north of the station, you’ll run into:

Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd.

If you walk south out of the station, the first intersection is with Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. Turn right for access to:

Peachtree Street NE

This street is the THE Peachtree Street that runs all the way from downtown to Buckhead. Get there by walking south from the station (toward the skyscrapers) and turn left on Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. The next intersection is Peachtree Street NE. Turn right to reach:

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