Navigating the Chamblee MARTA Station

Northeast of Atlanta, the Chamblee MARTA station sits along a freight railroad in downtown Chamblee, Georgia. Each side of the tracks offers a look into two different worlds, one a small industrial town that grew along the railroad, the other an international village. Even though both are located in walking distance from the station, the sprawling land and car-focused area is readily apparent and venturing too far away from the station can feel a little isolating for pedestrians.

The station itself is elevated and has several large parking lots along with one of the longest train platforms in the system. Two of the station’s three exits are at opposite ends of the train platform, similar to the Buckhead MARTA station, making it even more important that you know which one to use (unless you want to add a lot of walking time to your route).

See below to learn more about the station layout and nearby destinations.

Peachtree Road Exit

Follow the signs pointing to the buses (not to Chamblee Tucker Road) to exit the train platform. In the middle of the station one level below is a short tunnel that is marked (and leads to) Peachtree Road. Use this exit for easiest access to:

New Peachtree Road Exit

At the north end of the station is the New Peachtree Road exit (if you are traveling northbound to the station, keep walking in the direction of the northbound train for an elevator and stairway). Use this exit to reach:

Chamblee Tucker Exit

From the train platform, walk to the south end of the station, following the signs pointing to Chamblee Tucker Road for the shortest walk to: