Navigating the Bankhead MARTA Station

At the end of the green line in northwest Atlanta, the Bankhead MARTA station is the smallest station in the city. It was completed in 1992 and built for trains with only two cars, or “short trains.” As a result, the station has a smaller platform and concourse area as compared to the other stations, making it very easy to navigate.

Although small in size, the surrounding area has a large potential for growth. The station is less than two miles from Georgia Tech and King Plow Arts Center, though it’s not apparent due to the low density in the immediate area. Additionally, Maddox Park is across the street from the station, which will provide easy access to the BeltLine trail and Westside Reservoir Park once development is complete. Not to mention the future Proctor Creek Greenway will connect the BeltLine to the Chattahoochee River nearby.

Until then, arriving at the station on rail provides access to the few destinations below. Choose the elevator or stairway to exit the station (an escalator is also available, but it travels up from the main concourse to the train platform). A restroom, vending machine and one set of fare gates is at street level. Walking out of the gates provides access to Breeze machines. To the right is a fenced off sidewalk that prevents street access, so turning left out of the fare gates is the only option and leads to the bus bay.

Turn left at the bus bay for:

  • Very small parking lot (Bankhead is not set up to be a commuter station)
  • Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway westbound
  • Proctor Creek
  • Grove Park

Turn right for:

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