Navigating the Arts Center MARTA Station

One of the more popular MARTA stations, the Arts Center MARTA station provides easy access to many of Atlanta’s art venues, hotels and attractions in Midtown Atlanta. It is definitely worth a stop if you are sightseeing or looking for a commute alternative for Atlantic Station or Piedmont Park, and three station entrances/exits provide a variety of options for getting to your destination a little faster.

Depending on your destination, you’ll want to take the easiest and most direct exit to have an easier commute. Be sure to look for signs in the station pointing to the major exits: West Peachtree Street/15th Street and Arts Center Way. See below for tips on when to use each.

West Peachtree Street Exit

The exit on to West Peachtree Street is the largest in the station. In addition to having a bike rack, it also is the most handicap accessible — the terrain outside this exit is flat and there is a ramp sidewalk. If you are in a wheelchair or have a stroller, you can also exit here without using an elevator. You’ll also want to use this exit for:

And use this exit for less hilly walks to:

15th Street Exit

Opposite the West Peachtree Street exit is an exit for 15th Street and Arts Center Way. After going through the fare gate, you will have to go up stairs, escalator or elevator. At the first landing will be access to all the buses and a pedestrian walkway leading to 15th Street. Use this exit for:

And for slightly more direct, but hilly walks to:

Arts Center Way Exit

The third exit out of the station is on to Arts Center Way. Exit the fare gates by the sign marked “To Arts Center Way”. You’ll go up one level to where the buses are located. From there, go up one more level for the station exit. Use this location for easy access to:

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