Navigating the Airport MARTA Station

With only one way in and out of the Airport MARTA station, it is an easy station to navigate, great for those traveling to or from the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on transit.

The station directly connects to the airport at the far end of baggage claim next to ground transportation. Red and gold line trains arrive and depart from the station one level up, with escalators, elevators and stairwells providing access to/from the train platform. See below for more information.

Arriving at the Airport on MARTA

If you are arriving at the airport station on the train, sit in the front of the train for quick access to the down escalator or in the middle of the train for the elevator. Once down one level from the train platform, tap your Breeze card to exit the station’s fare gates. Turn left out of the fare gates for the RideStore, North Terminal and AirTran/Southwest check-in kiosks. Turn right out of the fare gates for Delta check-in, South Terminal and International Airport shuttle.

The domestic terminal, which is connected to the MARTA station, is linear and parallel, so you can use either the North or South Terminal to get to security. Both provide access to baggage claim, the atrium (with food, shops, restrooms) and ticketing. Security is found at the opposite end of the main terminal from the MARTA station, with a center security check point and security checks on the north and south sides. Once through security, all the other terminals are in a line: T, A, B,C, D, E and F, with an automated train that travels to each.

Departing the Airport After Arrival

If you are flying into the Hartsfield-Jackson airport, follow the signs to baggage claim to reach the Airport MARTA station. Get on the automated airport train and take it to the baggage claim stop. A tall escalator will take you to baggage claim. The MARTA station is directly behind this area and the restrooms at the top of the escalator. You can turn left or right to reach the MARTA station as there are entrances from both the north and south baggage claim areas.

Once inside the MARTA station, purchase fare at a Breeze Card vending machine or the RideStore.

If you aren’t riding MARTA, you can walk outside the doors next to the station for ground transportation options including:

Train Schedule

On weekdays, the first trains depart at 5 a.m. and weekends at 6 a.m. The last trains depart the airport at approximately 1:15 a.m. on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends. After 8:30 p.m. only the gold line train departs from the station. If you need to go to Buckhead, Medical Center, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs or North Springs, get on the first departing train and travel to the Lindbergh Center MARTA station and wait there for a red line, North Springs train.

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