Restaurants Near the Midtown MARTA Station

A foodie’s paradise in the heart of the city, Midtown Atlanta is full of restaurants that will satisfy just about every craving. The location of the Midtown MARTA station on 10th Street provides easy access to casual and fine dining restaurants on several streets. Below are the closest restaurants to the station if you are going to be in the area for an event or just want to explore on a lunch break or after work.

Note that there is a one central station exit out of the station and a smaller exit to the Federal Reserve building. All directions are from the central exit that provides access to both 10th Street and Peachtree Place.


The Vortex Bar and Grill

The Vortex has some of the best and most unusual burgers in Atlanta (including vegetarian options). Fried zucchini, fried pickles, tater tots and an attached comedy club are other highlights.


A trendy European restaurant tucked away on a side street, Ecco has amazing food, craft cocktails and a fantastic outdoor patio. Choose from wood-fired pizzas, pasta dishes and other entrees.

Cafe Agora

One of closest restaurants to the MARTA station, Cafe Agora is also one of the best. The casual restaurant will satisfy your gyro, hummus or baklava cravings. The second floor has a small bar, but the food is definitely the highlight here.

Empire State South

Just down the street from the Midtown MARTA station, Empire State South is a classy spot to get brunch, lunch or dinner. There’s Southern cuisine, a large bar and a courtyard with a bocce ball court.

Peachtree Place/Peachtree Street South

For the restaurants below, exit the station on Peachtree Place and turn left. You’ll immediately run into Cafe Agora, a Mediterranean restaurant. Walk one block further to Peachtree Street and turn right for:

Peachtree Street North

Follow the same directions above, but turn left on Peachtree Street for:

West Peachtree Street

Take the Peachtree Place exit out of the station and turn right. At West Peachtree Street, cross over the street and immediately turn left.

10th Street

Take the 10th Street exit out of the station and turn right.

Crescent Avenue

Take the far northern exit out of the station by the Federal Reserve. At street level walk up the pedestrian courtyard to 11th Street and turn right. At Crescent Avenue, turn left.

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