Bus Schedules

We recommended using the MARTA on the Go app for real-time bus locations on a map. You can also view bus schedules online and in the app.

Not sure which bus to take? Plan your trip with Google Maps to view MARTA bus and rail options, although there might be a delay in the new April bus schedules appearing in Google Maps. Keep in mind that only the 41 routes in the link above and listed below will be in operation.

New to riding the bus? View tips for new riders and how to ride MARTA buses.

Bus Hours

Most MARTA bus routes operate on weekdays from approximately 5 a.m. to midnight. On weekends and holidays, buses typically start later and are less frequent.


Fare is $2.50, which you can pay with exact cash or with a Breeze Card. Free transfers to other buses and trains are included if you pay with a Breeze Card or ticket.

More Information

Last updated September 2020