MARTA Bus Schedules

View or search for specific MARTA bus schedules by route number or name to plan your trip. Routes and schedules are regularly adjusted and new service added, so be sure use to MARTA on the Go app to get notifications of service changes and view all the route schedules and maps.

Not sure which bus to take? Plan your trip with Google Maps to view MARTA bus and rail options. Just click on the train icon instead of the car to get MARTA directions.


Most MARTA bus routes operate on weekdays from approximately 5 a.m. to midnight. On weekends and holidays, buses typically start later and are less frequent. Buses arrive anywhere from every 15 minute to every hour depending on the route, day and time.


You can pay $2.50 cash (exact change) to ride the bus and then tap your Breeze Card to load free transfers. If you do not have a Breeze Card, you can still pay cash, but will have to pay to transfer to MARTA rail or to another bus.

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