Breeze Cards 101

The Breeze Card is the MARTA and regional transit fare card that electronically stores cash value, one-way trips and passes and expires after three years (a new card must be purchased after the expiration date). The plastic card can be purchased and refilled as needed online or in any MARTA station. While a Breeze Card is needed to ride the trains and get free transfers, you can pay cash to ride the buses if needed, but drivers can’t make change.

Here are some of the common questions and tips for using the card.

Breeze Card Cost and Fares

  • The plastic Breeze card is $2 and can be reloaded at any time until the expiration date.
  • Don’t need a plastic card? Load fare on a paper ticket for $1 plus the cost of fare.
  • A one-way regular fare on MARTA is $2.50. Children 46 inches and under are free. View all fares.
  • If you are 65 or older, disabled or have a Medicare card, you quality for a cheaper fare. Go to the MARTA headquarters building near the Lindbergh Center station or the Five Points station Monday-Friday for a reduced fare card. See MARTA’s fare information to learn more.

Trips vs Passes

  • You can purchase “Trips”, which are one-way fares, or “Days”, which are day, weekly or monthly unlimited-use passes. Be sure to purchase two trips if you are making a round trip commute.
  • Day, weekly or monthly passes are useful if you plan to make two or more round trips per day (view all fares)
  • The cash value option is for use on MARTA or regional bus services (CCT, GCT and GRTA Xpress).

Using Breeze Cards

At the fare gates or on the bus, tap the blue circle on your right to enter the rail station. Buses also have blue circles to tap next to the driver. Make sure you tap the blue circle when you exit a rail station as well.  The tapping will open the fare gate and allow you to transfer for free to a bus.

Other Breeze Card Tips

  • Protect the balance on the card by calling 404-848-5000.
  • View your card’s expiration date at any vending machine via the check balance option (and view what money or fares remain on your card).
  • You can transfer your balance on an expired Breeze Card within 30 days after the expiration date to a new card at a MARTA RideStore (Airport or Five Points) on a weekday between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. or by calling MARTA customer service.
  • A Breeze Card will not be demagnetized by being next to your credit card.
  • If you are handicapped or with children who qualify for a free fare, enter through the extra-wide handicap gate.
  • So are you being tracked? Apparently there is some data collected to monitor ridership in order to better plan routes and schedules, though no individual rider data is tracked.

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