Restaurants Near the Lenox MARTA Station


The Lenox MARTA Station is surrounded by retail stores and malls, and as some people will tell you, shopping makes you hungry. So if you are planning a shopping trip, starting a new job in the area or staying at a nearby hotel, here are the restaurants in walking distance from the Lenox MARTA station and area stores.

Lenox Road

The station sits along Lenox Road, making the restaurants listed below the easiest to walk to. When exiting the station, look for signs pointing “To Mall” and after going throught the fare gate, cross over East Paces Ferry and walk straight ahead on Lenox Road for:

Lenox Mall

Inside the mall itself is a food court and several restaurants in the rear and front of the mall. From the train, follow the signs “To Mall”, then after exiting the fare gate, turn left on East Paces Ferry Road. About a block down on the right will be a parking lot entrance to the rear of the mall where you’ll find:

If you walk through the food court and up to the main mall level and walk to the front of the mall, you’ll find:

Around Lenox

The Shops Around Lenox are additional retail stores in front of the mall near Peachtree Road. For easiest access, exit the station and walk straight ahead on Lenox Road then left into the mall parking lot near the Macy’s store. Walk in front of Macy’s and past the mall to reach:

Peachtree Road

Peachtree Road along with Lenox Road travel around the mall. To get to Peachtree, exit the station and walk straight ahead on Lenox Road. A few stoplights up is Peachtree Road. Turn right on Peachtree Street for:

Or, turn left on Peachtree Road for: