Restaurants Near the King Memorial MARTA Station


Looking for a place to eat near the King Memorial MARTA Station? See below for the closest restaurants to the station.

Dekalb Avenue

Several new restaurants are located next to the station along Dekalb Avenue as part of the Pencil Factory Lofts complex. After exiting the station and reaching ground level, keep left to walk down Dekalb Avenue for:

Memorial Drive

South of the station is Memorial Drive that runs along Oakland Cemetery. After exiting the station, turn left on Grant Street/Hillard Street and walk about a block to Memorial Drive. Turn right on Memorial Drive for:

Or, turn left on Memorial Drive for:

Edgewood Avenue

A longer walk will get you to restaurants on Edgewood Avenue, closer to the King Memorial Site. Exit the station and walk across Dekalb Avenue and continue straight ahead along Hillard Street for about two blocks to Edgewood Avenue. Turn right on Edgewood Avenue for:

Turn left on Edgewood for: