As the closest MARTA station to Little Five Points, the Inman Park MARTA station provides access to a variety of restaurants and entertainment options. The immediate area next to the station is primarily residential, but those willing to walk 10-15 minutes, hop on a e-scooter or bike have many options for getting a bite to eat.

Rider Alert: The Inman Park side of the station is currently closed for renovation, so the restaurants closest to the station won’t be in easy walking distance until March 2019. There is a shuttle from the south station exit to the Inman Park/north side, and bus 6 departs from the station and travels to Little Five Points. Otherwise, we suggest requesting a Lyft or Uber car to reach the neighborhood. You can walk to fast-casual restaurants in the Edgewood Retail District without any issues.

Closest to the Station

*These restaurants currently require a shuttle due to the north station exit closure.

Best in Edgewood Retail District

Use the Reynoldstown station exit to reach:

Best in Little 5 Points

For all restaurants below, connect with bus 6 at the Inman Park MARTA station. After March 2019, take the Inman Park exit out of the station and turn right at street level to reach the PATH sidewalk. Walk on the PATH through the park and turn right on Euclid Avenue (the first street intersection) to reach:

Best in Inman Park Village

Follow the signs pointing to Inman Park after exiting the fare gates, staying to the right. At street level, turn left to walk along the bus bay then straight ahead on Edgewood Avenue.  Walk a block to Elizabeth Street and turn right and walk three blocks for:

Char Korean Bar & Grill
Barcelona Inman Park
Bread & Butterfly
MF Sushi Atlanta
Sotto Sotto
Bartaco Inman Park
Victory Sandwich Bar

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Last updated January 2019