How to Ride MARTA Trains

MARTA, or the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, is one of the easiest rail systems to use. There are only four main rail lines: red and gold (north/south) and blue and green (east/west) and the fare is the same no matter how far you travel. To get started with riding the trains, view the video above and see the tips below.

  1. First, start your trip at a MARTA rail station. You can walk to a station, drive and park, have someone drop you off or take a bus (almost all bus routes connect to one or more stations).
  2. If you aren’t sure of your nearest station use Google Transit to type in your start and end address and click on the transit icon to view your bus and rail options. All Google Maps also have rail stations marked or view an interactive map with MARTA stations and streets.
  3. Once you get to a rail station, look for a Breeze Card vending machine. You can use cash or credit card to purchase a train fare. Choose from one-way trips or day passes. Riders should always purchase a roundtrip fare unless only a one-way trip is needed. Children under 46″ ride free (limit two children per paying adult). See MARTA Fares for more information.
  4. Tap your card on the blue circle to the right of a fare gate to enter. It will beep and open. There is one extra wide gate available at every station, which can be used by families with children under 46″ and people with wheelchairs, bikes, strollers or luggage.
  5. Signs in all stations provide direction to the train platforms. There are Northbound, Southbound, Eastbound and Westbound platforms based on the direction of train travel. Trains are also marked with the last station they travel to. Look at a MARTA map ahead of time to know your direction of travel, or look for a rail map in the station. Common directions are:

    Airport – South
    North Springs/Doraville – North
    Decatur, Indian Creek – East
    Georgia Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN – West

  6. Board the train when it arrives, paying attention to the destination marked on the train and announcements made by the train operator. Keep in mind that two different trains may share the same tracks.
  7. Trains stop at every station on the line. If you need to transfer to a different line, you can transfer between all rail lines at Five Points or between the red and gold lines at the Lindbergh Center station.
  8. After exiting the train at your destination, you will need to tap your Breeze Card again for the fare gate to open. Tapping your card when you exit also puts a free transfer to a bus on your card.

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