How to Ride MARTA Buses

MARTA buses often get a bad rap. But, generally, the buses are not scary. They generally run on time. And they get you to places not convenient to the train. Read on to learn some basic tips to make riding them a little easier.

RIDER ALERT: Starting April 20, 2020, MARTA is temporarily suspending 50 bus routes in order to provide more service on crowded routes in major corridors. View bus routes changes to learn more.

Finding a Bus Route

To figure out what bus to ride, use the Google Map transit directions or browse/search for destinations on MARTA Guide. Buses operate all over Atlanta and connect to one or more rail stations. If you already use Google Maps regularly, you can zoom in on a location to look for bus icons on streets near you or near where you’d like to go to find route numbers.

Bus Fare

You can use a Breeze Card or pay cash ($2.50) to ride the bus, but drivers cannot make change. Keep in mind that if you pay with cash, you also won’t get a free transfer to the train. You can purchase Breeze Cards and fare at any MARTA station or online. Allow 24 hours for fare to load for bus travel.

Note that it is free to ride the bus during the coronavirus pandemic. Board buses in the middle side door and not next to the driver.

Navigating the Bus Route

Once on the bus, there are regular bus stop stops and signs along the routes, generally at major intersections. To exit, pull the cord at the sides of the bus to indicate a stop. If you aren’t sure of where to get off, tell your driver what street or landmark you’re looking for. Most are glad to help.

You can also pick up a printed route map at the Five Points station to have a visual of the route. These brochures contain both a route map and a schedule or download the MARTA on the Go app to view maps, real-time locations of buses and schedules online.

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