Restaurants Near the East Point MARTA Station

The East Point MARTA station is just across the street from the historic downtown area and some of Atlanta’s favorite restaurants, including Waffle House, a local pizza joint and a restaurant that serves raw food. With something for everyone just a short walk away from the station, East Point can be a fun lunch getaway or a spot to enjoy a burger, taco, breakfast or a little soul food if you’re attending a local event or shopping at the farmer’s market.

Hungry yet? See below for the list of restaurants to plan your commute.

Main Street South

Turn left on Main Street in front of the MARTA station and walk just over a block to reach:

If you’re craving Caribbean, turn left on Main Street from the station and right on Dorsey Street for:

Or for all-day breakfast, turn left on Main and right on E. Washington Road for:

White Way Restaurants

In the heart of downtown East Point are several restaurants on or near White Way, a road that dead ends near the north exit of the MARTA station. Choose from the following restaurants:

Main Street North

Or turn right on Main Street in front of the station for these American food favorites: