Safest MARTA Stations in 2015

Great news. MARTA is safer than you think, and many stations in the system are nearly crime-free. See below for the safest stations in 2015 along with the number of crimes reported. Larceny, or theft of personal items, was the biggest problem across the transit system, so always keep a watch on your belongings and report […]

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5 MARTA Stations for History Buffs

Founded in 1837 as Terminus and later renamed Atlanta in 1856, the city has a varied and somewhat hidden history after Civil War destruction, a massive fire in 1917, lots of street name changes and ongoing replacement of historic buildings with modern versions or parking lots. Despite all the changes, there is still a history […]

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Atlanta Airport Travel Times on MARTA

The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is known for being busy, but on the plus side, it was voted the best U.S. airport with a rail connection, making Atlanta’s airport a convenient MARTA destination (and there’s no risk of getting stuck in traffic). So if you’re planning on taking the train to the airport soon, check the average commute times […]

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Top 5 Hotels in Buckhead Near MARTA

Buckhead, with its old money, shopping malls and business district, is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers. Many hotels in the area are a short walk away from either the Buckhead or Lenox MARTA stations, making Buckhead a good option for transit-friendly hotels that provide a short train ride to city attractions. If […]

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5 Atlanta Transit Wins in 2014

For the first time in a few years, Atlanta has some celebrating to do in regard to public transit. And it isn’t just MARTA getting a little smarter. Here are the top five new developments in 2014 to toast. 1. Increased MARTA Frequency As of May 19, frequency of trains increased to every 10 minutes from […]

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