MARTA to the East Point Industrial District

On the National Register of Historic Places, the East Point Industrial District contains late 18th and early 19th century mills and warehouses that were used to manufacture wagons, carriages, cotton seed oil and farm machinery. The buildings have been converted to office and commercial space, with BuggyWorks and Wagon Works the largest office parks (photo courtesy The closest MARTA […]

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MARTA to Downtown East Point

Established in 1887, East Point, Georgia is a small city southwest of Atlanta that was once the easternmost point of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. The historic downtown area has a variety of restaurants across the street from the East Point MARTA station on the red/gold rail line, and free events, festivals and a farmer’s market take place throughout […]

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MARTA to the East Point Carnival

The East Point Carnival takes place two times a year in July and in September/October on Main Street, near the East Point MARTA Station (see area map).    The event features rides, games and food and is a short walk from the station.  After exiting the station, merely turn right on Main Street and walk a […]

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MARTA to Bank of America

If you need to do some banking or use an ATM, there are several Bank of America’s near train stations: Five Points In the heart of downtown Atlanta, this full-service banking location is less than a block away from MARTA. Follow the signs to the Peachtree Street exit at street level, and immediately after exiting the fare gates […]

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