MARTA to Perkerson Park

Perkerson Park is a large neighborhood park in the Capitol View neighborhood of Atlanta. In addition to a summertime splashpad, the park has a playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, disc golf course and other sport fields for baseball and softball. The closest MARTA station to the park is Oakland City on the red/gold line. Walking […]

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MARTA to Capitol View

Capitol View is a historic Atlanta neighborhood near Adair Park and Sylvan Hills in Southwest Atlanta. Established around 1913, the neighborhood was named for its views of the Georgia Capitol. It declined in the years following and crime has been a problem, though the area is slowly revitalizing. Most homes cost under $200,000. The closest […]

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MARTA to the Adair Park Neighborhood

Adair Park is a historic Atlanta neighborhood next to the West End MARTA station on the red/gold rail line. It was established by the founder of the Atlanta Real Estate Company and co-founder of the Atlanta Street Railway Company, George Washington Adair. Features of the neighborhood include bungalow-style homes that were built between the 1890s and 1940s, several parks […]

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