MARTA to Clarkston

Clarkston is an Atlanta suburb next to I-285 and North Dekalb Mall. Current planning is underway to redevelop the downtown area to add more retail, housing and transportation options. Although there isn't a MARTA station nearby, Clarkston does have two buses that connect with MARTA rail. See below for transit options. MARTA Bus Connect with bus … Continue reading MARTA to Clarkston

MARTA to the Dekalb Technical College

The Dekalb Technical College is located at 495 N Indian Creek Dr. in Clarkston, GA. The closest MARTA station is Indian Creek, but to get to the college on MARTA you have to take a bus from either the Avondale or Kensington MARTA station on the blue rail line. Bus 125 departs from the Avondale Station and … Continue reading MARTA to the Dekalb Technical College

MARTA to Northlake Mall

Northlake Mall is in northeast Atlanta at 4800 Briarcliff Rd NE. Major stores include JC Penney, Macy's and Sears. The closest MARTA station is the Doraville MARTA station on the gold line, but the mall is not in walking distance. Choose from the following commute options: Uber Request an Uber or Lyft car at the … Continue reading MARTA to Northlake Mall