Restaurants Near the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA Station

Trees and neighborhoods, yes, but restaurants? The area around the Candler Park MARTA station isn’t usually a first thought when it comes to dining out. Primarily a commuter station for residents in the surrounding Candler Park and Edgewood neighborhoods, Candler Park doesn’t have a lot of hustle and bustle, though there are a few restaurants in the area if you’re up for a walk, including one of Atlanta’s most famous breakfast spots.

See below for the list of restaurants near the Candler Park station to learn more and discover what the station has to offer. The restaurants closest to MARTA are listed first.

Closest to the Station

Schwan’s Food Service is on the Edgewood/South side of the station.

Top-Rated Restaurants

Most of the area restaurants are in the Candler Park village on the north side of the station. Choose from:

Due to the longer walk, it is best to visit the restaurants listed above when you have plenty of time to explore such as on a weekend. A large public park, also called Candler Park, is also McClendon about a block from the restaurants if you want to combine your food visit with an area activity.

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Last updated January 2019