Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants Near MARTA

In Atlanta, brunch and breakfast restaurants are all over the city — and many are also near rail stations. So if you’re hankering for eggs, grits and other morning staples, grab your Breeze card and take your pick of these Atlanta breakfast spots near MARTA.


For a quick meal, the Highland Bakery and the Corner Bakery can’t get any closer to the Buckhead MARTA station on the red rail line.

The Highland Bakery has become an Atlanta favorite with three locations in the city. In addition to breakfast like the Crab Cake Benedict, there’s also lunch items and desserts. Take the Peachtree Road exit out of the station and use the pedestrian tunnel to walk under Peachtree Road. At street level, turn right and you’ll find the restaurant inside the first building on the right.

The Corner Bakery is just across the street and has a small breakfast menu that includes oatmeal and breakfast sandwiches that you order at the counter. Use the first Peachtree Road exit out of the station and turn left.

Arts Center

Park 75 in the Four Seasons hotel is known for its Sunday brunch and buffet, or choose from breakfast until 11 a.m. the rest of the week. You won’t go hungry. Take the West Peachtree Street exit out of the Arts Center MARTA station and turn left on West Peachtree. Walk one block to 14th Street and turn left again.

Or if you’re a bagel person, Einstein’s Bagels is also on 14th Street. Follow the same directions above.

Lastly, for solid Southern food, be sure to check out the brunch at South City Kitchen. Just off of 14th Street, it is tucked away on a Midtown side street near other restaurants and nightlife venues and has a large front patio. Turn right on Crescent Avenue from 14th Street to reach the restaurant.


Empire State South has a Sunday brunch full of modern Southern cuisine in a classy atmosphere. Just a short walk from the Midtown MARTA station, turn right on 10th Street from the main station exit and walk about a block. The restaurant is in the lower level of the 999 Peachtree Street building next to the Hyatt Midtown.

For a unique Midtown dining experience, head to Babs, a restaurant in an old house on Juniper Street. You’ll find bagels, wraps, omelettes, oatmeal and more. Turn left on Peachtree Place from the main station exit and walk about two blocks to Juniper Street and turn right. Walking time is about seven minutes.

The closest breakfast spot to the Midtown MARTA station is the chain restaurant J. Christopher’s where you’ll find hearty portions of just about every breakfast food you can imagine. Turn right on Peachtree Place from the main station exit and cross over West Peachtree Street at a crosswalk and turn left on West Peachtree Street.

Peachtree Center

The Landmark Diner is just about the only 24-hour restaurant you’ll find in Atlanta, and there’s plenty of breakfast items to choose from. Take the Ellis Street/ Peachtree Street West exit out of the Peachtree Center MARTA station toward the library. Cross the street directly in front of the station and walk straight down Forsyth Street to reach the diner, which is about a block away.

The other 24-hour diner downtown is the Metro Cafe Diner. The large space is a little more lively, plus there’s karaoke in the evenings. Choose from a wide variety of omelettes or breakfast specials like country fried steak and biscuits and gravy. Take the Harris Street/Peachtree Street East exit out of the station and turn left on Peachtree Street and left again on Andrew Young International Blvd.

Five Points/Georgia State

Both the Five Points and Georgia State MARTA stations are next to Waffle House. From Georgia State, turn right on Piedmont Avenue. From Five Points, use the Peachtree Street exit and cross over Peachtree Street in front of the station to enter Upper Alabama Street.


Decatur has three restaurants that will satisfy your breakfast cravings: Sweet Melissa’s, Thumbs Up Diner and J. Christopher’s. All are less than a 10 minute walk away from the MARTA station.

Sweet Melissa’s is almost directly above the station and is a family-run restaurant that has a large amount of egg dishes along with pancakes and other breakfast basics. Take the Church Street exit out of the station and turn left to walk up and over the station entrance to the plaza. At the first row of buildings, turn right to reach the restaurant.

For a classic diner feel and a huge menu of breakfast delights, including heaps of eggs on potatoes (see picture above), head to Thumbs Up Diner. The restaurant is cash only, so bring money or use nearby ATM machines. Take the Swanton Way exit out of the station and just past the bus bay, turn right on a small alley marked by cement columns. Walk a short way to the main road, W. Ponce de Leon Avenue, and turn left.

J. Christopher’s also has a location in walking distance from the Decatur MARTA station. Take the Church Street exit out of the station and turn left on Church then right on E. Ponce de Leon Avenue.

East Lake

A charming neighborhood eatery in a restored building, Sun in my Belly has indoor and outdoor seating near the East Lake MARTA station. There’s live jazz the first Sunday of the month and the menu changes throughout the year to feature seasonal foods.

Take the South Parking exit out of the station and at the bottom of the stairs, turn left to walk through the bus bay to the steps leading to College Avenue. Turn left on College Avenue and walk about a block.

Candler Park

If you’re interested in a neighborhood stroll or visit to a park before or after dining, the original Flying Biscuit Cafe is about a 15-minute walk from the Candler Park MARTA station. Across the street from Flying Biscuit is another brunch spot, Gato, and just down the street is Candler Park (the park).

Use the North Parking exit at the Candler Park station and at street level walk east on Dekalb Avenue away from the stoplight. Turn left on Clifton Road about two blocks down and walk about one more block to McClendon Avenue for both restaurants.

East Point

If you live south of downtown Atlanta or commuting that way, the East Point MARTA station has two breakfast spots across the street from the station in the downtown area. Choose from another Thumbs Up Diner or Debbie’s Delights.