Atlanta Tourist Guide

Planning a trip to Atlanta? Fortunately, you can avoid traffic by riding MARTA to and from the Atlanta airport as well as to many hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants and landmarks. Start planning your car-free trip with the below tips.

Book a Hotel Near MARTA

W Hotel MidtownMany hotels are a 10-minute walk or less from a train station, so you can take MARTA from the airport to your hotel (or from the Megabus or Greyhound) without driving or requesting a taxi, Uber or Lyft car. View the list of hotels by station to view your options.

The most popular hotel areas are downtown, Midtown and Buckhead, all of which have many amenities and things to do that don’t require driving. For more information and tips, check out:

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Explore Tourist Attractions

Georgia AquariumWhich Atlanta attractions are on your must-see list? View the list of attractions near MARTA as well as the 10 attractions with the easiest MARTA commutes to plan your itinerary. You can also explore specific attractions by category below.

Art Galleries
Historic Sites

Learn How to Ride

Train at Decatur Station

MARTA trains and buses are fairly easily to navigate. Be sure to view the MARTA map to become familiar with the rail stations (the most popular stations are on the red and gold lines) and see basic instructions on how to ride trains and how to ride buses.

Purchase Fare

Once you arrive in Atlanta, you can buy MARTA paper tickets and plastic fare cards in all rail stations. If you plan to make multiple trips in one-day, consider purchasing a day pass for unlimited rides instead of paying for each ride individually. View fare options.

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