Atlanta Convention and Business Travel Guide

Heading to Atlanta for a convention or business trip? MARTA is a fast way to get from the airport to Atlanta’s major business and convention centers without dealing with traffic. With many hotels also near train stations, renting a car might not be needed. Here is quick guide and things to know about using MARTA while in town for business.

1. Is your convention or business destination near a rail station?

Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC)We’ve put together a list of major employers and office buildings near rail stations so you can quickly determine if your destination is MARTA-accessible. In general, the business centers in downtown, Midtown and Buckhead are near one or more train stations. Additionally, some, but not all, office buildings at the Perimeter Center are near MARTA.

We recommend using Google Maps with your start and end address (such as the airport and your hotel or your hotel and your business destination) to get MARTA and walking directions if you aren’t familiar with MARTA station locations, just to see how easy or how complicated a transit commute might be.

Additionally, most of Atlanta’s large convention venues are a short walk from train stations, including:

AmericasMart is especially easy to get to via MARTA rail, as the showrooms and buildings are literally next to the Peachtree Center MARTA station. Additionally, the Georgia International Convention Center is a free SkyTrain ride from the airport.

2. Choose a Hotel Near MARTA

If you don’t want to rent a car on your trip and you are able to take the train to your convention or business meetings, book a hotel near a MARTA station. Even though Atlanta is not a very dense city, a surprising amount of hotels are a 10-minute walk or less from a station.

3. Discover Nearby Destinations

Piedmont Park skylineView MARTA Station Guides to explore restaurants and attractions near each station, especially the ones near your hotel if applicable. You can also ride the train to a nearby station to expand your restaurants and bar options or to visit tourist attractions.

We especially recommend venturing out of downtown Atlanta (if that’s where you are staying) to reach Atlanta’s unique neighborhoods and top restaurants in Midtown, Buckhead and Decatur, plus Piedmont Park is a great place to walk or jog if you need some fresh air (pictured here).

4. Maximize Your Free Time

If you have limited time in Atlanta but want to check out some of the city’s museums and landmarks, check out the Top 10 tourist attractions closest to MARTA. You can also explore the rail line guides below to view things to see and do on the same rail line (no train transfer required) to shorten your commute.

Red Line Guide
Gold Line Guide
Blue Line Guide (includes hotels near the Georgia World Congress Center)

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