5 Tips for Taking MARTA to the Peachtree Road Race

Running in the Peachtree Road Race? With MARTA next to the start and finish line, it is a convenient way to travel. See these tips for for using transit to plan ahead and make your trip easier.

1. Fare Information

If you plan to take MARTA to the Peachtree Road Race, it is highly recommended that you purchase your fare as far in advance as possible, which can be done online or at any MARTA station. (Note that if you don’t already have a plastic Breeze Card, you’ll need to buy fare at a station. Current card holders can add fare online. Allow three hours for processing.) The Breeze Card machines can slow down due to an overload of processing, so purchasing in advance can save time and lines can be avoided.

MARTA usually has cash-only tables set up at several stations to provide additional options for buying fare while supplies last. Exact cash is needed ($2.50 for one-way fare).

2. Peachtree Road Race MARTA Schedules and Parking

To accommodate runners, MARTA trains will start operating by 5 a.m. on July 4 and run every 10 minutes until approximately 3 p.m. Runners can park and ride at a variety of stations with free daily parking or be dropped off at a MARTA station. Parking at Lindbergh Center is a recommended option, as shuttle buses will also be available there to take riders to the start of the race and return runners back to Lindbergh Center at the finish line.

See MARTA Parking for other free places to park and ride the train.

3. MARTA to the Start of the Peachtree Road Race

There are three options to get to the start of the Peachtree Road Race on MARTA:

  • Take a gold line train to the Lenox MARTA station
  • Take a red line train to the Buckhead MARTA station
  • Park at the Lindbergh Center MARTA station and take a bus shuttle to the start of the race. Buses will pick up on Morosgo Drive, which is at the north end of the station near MARTA Headquarters.

For specific walking directions, view MARTA to the Peachtree Road Race.

4. MARTA Access at the Peachtree Road Race Finish

The Peachtree Road Race ends on 10th Street next to Piedmont Park. The closest MARTA station is the Midtown MARTA station, which is also located on 10th Street. Signs direct runners back to MARTA, usually via 8th Street. In addition to train access, shuttle buses will also be available to take participants to the Lindbergh Center station — a great option if you parked your car there. If you are looking for a place to park your car near the end of the race instead, see the next page for what you should know.

5. Parking at the Peachtree Road Race Finish

There is no designated MARTA parking in the area surrounding the Peachtree Road Race finish line. However, there is street parking, but be careful to not park in areas where you’ll be trapped in by the race. The best bets for parking (if you are a runner and planning to then take the train to the start of the race in the morning) are Juniper Street south of 10th Street to Ponce de Leon, which provides access to the Midtown or North Avenue stations. Or staying around the Midtown station, Cypress Street and West Peachtree Street both have metered parking. Be cautious of parking in the residential areas, as some streets are marked for residents only.

For lots and garages, Tech Square has a parking garage (770 Spring Street) and the Biltmore has a parking deck (5th and West Peachtree). Head to the North Avenue station entrance at 3rd and West Peachtree Streets from either of these locations. If you don’t mind a longer walk, you can park in the Piedmont Park parking deck off Monroe Drive or on or near Virginia Avenue and head to the Midtown or Arts Center station from there.

There is also an open-air parking lot at 10th and West Peachtree Street. Approach the parking lot from south of 10th Street, as West Peachtree is a one-way street going north. From the connector, merely turn left on 10th Street then left again on West Peachtree. The lot will be on the left. From there, walk to the Midtown station on 10th Street.