The Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade is a popular October event in Atlanta, drawing crowds in costumes (or to see costumes) to kick off Halloween season. An older intown neighborhood, Little Five has a walkable commercial center with shops and restaurants, narrow bungalow-lined streets and very little parking, even when there’s not a festival going on.

With that in mind, here are tips for getting to the event, whether you are biking, on a bus, taking the train or driving a car:

Number 1Ride MARTA

Traffic and trying to park can make you want to bite someone’s neck or howl at the moon. Instead of getting all vampire-crazy, consider taking MARTA to the festival. Two bus routes, 6 (Lindbergh Center, Emory, Briarcliff) and 102 (North Avenue station, Ponce de Leon) travel to the area. Exit either bus at Freedom Park (Moreland at North Avenue and Freedom Parkway). The Inman Park MARTA station is also about a 15-minute walk away from all the action. For a short commute, park at the Candler Park station one stop away and board a westbound train. East Lake is another good option.

Number 2Ride Your Bike

Three different bike paths can connect you to Little Five. The PATH Stone Mountain Trail stretches from downtown all the way to Stone Mountain, with a spur to the Inman Park station (yes, bikes are allowed on MARTA). The PATH also connects to the BeltLine Eastside Trail near the Carter Center at Elizabeth Street, and from there goes to Moreland Avenue where the parade takes place. Lastly, Edgewood Avenue has a bike path, which is a good option if you are commuting from downtown or Cabbagetown.

Number 3Get There Early

If you’re going to drive, get there early. The festival starts at noon, the parade at 4 p.m. Various side streets close in the area as the parade sets up, so it can be tricky to park as it gets later in the day. You can take Freedom Parkway to the Carter Center to park at your own risk — that is probably your best bet for an easy in and out. From there, walk east about two blocks to the stoplight at Moreland Avenue, then turn right and walk another block. Remember that you can also park at any MARTA station with free daily parking and take the train in to enjoy the day.

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