3 Tips for Choosing a Hotel Near MARTA

Researching hotels in Atlanta? Many are near MARTA stations if you want the option of train travel, especially if you’re arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Airport MARTA station conveniently connects to baggage claim and provides direct service to downtown Atlanta, Midtown and Buckhead for only $2.50 in about the same amount of time as it would take to drive.

To plan your trip, see below for three things to consider when choosing a hotel near MARTA. View the MARTA  station map and train schedules for more information.

1. Select a Hotel With a Direct Airport Commute

The Airport MARTA station is at the end of the red and gold rail lines. To simplify your transit commute, or if you want to avoid a train transfer, choose a hotel on one of these lines for direct service to and from the airport. Red and gold line stations with the best hotel options are:

If you prefer or plan to stay in Buckhead, two MARTA stations serve the area, one on the red line (Buckhead) and one on the gold line (Lenox), which may involve a train transfer to the appropriate line at the Lindbergh Center MARTA station. However, many destinations in Buckhead are accessible from either station, and you can walk from one to the other in 15 to 20 minutes.

See the list of hotels by station to view your options.

2. Be Smart With Airport Hotels

For those who want minimal travel time to hotels near the airport or get stuck in Atlanta overnight due to a cancelled flight, don’t be fooled by the “airport hotels”. Almost all the hotels near the airport are not transit-accessible and require reliance on a hotel shuttle, taxi or Uber/Lyft ride. There are only three hotels that are easy to get to without a vehicle:

3. Choose a Hotel Based on Your Activity Interests

Business travelers usually stay near their conventions and meetings for convenience, but if you are in town for fun or are in Atlanta for work and don’t mind a train commute to your business activities, pick a hotel in an area that provides the easiest access to the attractions and amenities that are important to you.

When to Stay at a Downtown Hotel

Staying in downtown Atlanta near the Dome, Peachtree Center or Civic Center MARTA stations is a good choice if:

  • You want a short train ride to the airport (and don’t want to stay at an airport area hotel)
  • You’re going to a major concert, sporting event or holiday activity like Fourth of July fireworks
  • You enjoy an urban/city experience
  • Prefer to walk to major attractions and not ride the train frequently

Explore the 10 highest-rated downtown Atlanta hotels near MARTA to get started.

When to Stay at a Midtown Hotel

Midtown is a nicer area with more amenities than downtown.  Choose a hotel in Midtown near the North Avenue, Midtown or Arts Center stations if:

  • You don’t want to stay in a touristy area, but still want to be close to major attractions
  • You enjoy great restaurants and/or an active nightlife scene
  • You’re into the arts and museums
  • You love parks and exercising outdoors (Piedmont Park is a great city amenity)

View the Top 5 Midtown Atlanta Hotels Near MARTA to learn more.

When to Stay at a Buckhead Hotel

Hotels near the Lenox and Buckhead MARTA stations are great for tourists and travelers that like a more upscale environment. Consider staying in Buckhead if:

  • You like to shop — choose from two malls and many retail stores
  • You enjoy taking advantage of hotel amenities like spa services and onsite restaurants
  • You don’t mind riding the train 10-15 minutes for sightseeing excursions
  • At the end of the day, you prefer a luxury retreat

See the Top 5 Buckhead Hotels Near MARTA to plan your stay.

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