Top 10 Neighborhood Parks Near MARTA Stations

If you’re riding MARTA rail (or driving or biking) here are the top parks you can visit that are all less than a 10-minute walk from a train station. To keep the list at 10, we left out several urban parks in favor of larger neighborhood parks that have more space and/or amenities. Parks are listed from shortest to longest walk.

1. Freedom Park

Station: Inman Park
Walk Time: 1 minute

Just steps away from MARTA rail is one of several linear parks with oak trees, grassy fields, winding sidewalks and a small playground. If you continue walking or biking on sidewalk you’ll reach the Stone Mountain PATH trail and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. For history buffs, this Freedom Park greenspace once contained houses that were torn down to make room for a proposed highway. Thankfully city activists prevented the construction, keeping the historic Inman Park neighborhood mostly intact. Be sure to follow signs pointing to Inman Park to exit the station.

2. James Orange Park

Station: Oakland City
Walk Time: 3 minutes

Named after Rev. James Orange, an aide to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., James Orange Park is south of downtown in the Oakland City neighborhood. The park was recently rennovated and has a pavilion, recreation center, sports fields, tennis courts, basketball court, splash pad, pool and playground.

3. Maddox Park

Station: Bankhead
Walk Time: 3 minutes

Maddox Park Atlanta

Maddox Park is across the street from the Bankhead MARTA station on the green line. Built in 1931, the park has a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis courts and places to have a picnic. As a bonus, you can also explore the nearby Proctor Creek Trail that travels to the Westside Reservoir Park. It’s a long trail, so bring a bike with you on the train to fully explore the area! BeltLine development plans include a connection through this park as another amenity to look forward to.

4. Washington Park

Station: Ashby
Walk Time: 5 minutes

Washington Park is one of Atlanta’s larger (and historic) parks that is a short walk away from the Ashby MARTA station on the west side of the city. Amenities include a natatorium, playground, tennis center, walking paths and connections to two bike trails: BeltLine Westside Trail and Lionel Hampton Trail. It’s a good spot for a stroll, picnic or bike ride. The Lionel Hampton Trail will take you to Mozley Park (see below) for an additional park adventure.

5. Mozley Park

Station: West Lake
Walk Time: 5 minutes

Mozley Park is a quaint neighborhood park full of amenities. There’s a recreation center, swimming pool, playground, outdoor fitness area, tennis courts, basketball court and sports fields. The Lionel Hampton Trail also travels through this park, which you can take to Washington Park and the BeltLine Westside Trail.

6. Oakland Cemetery

Station: King Memorial
Walk Time: 6 minutes

Oakland Cemetery is technically an Atlanta city park despite also being a large cemetery. It spans 48 acres and contains old gravestones, mausoleums, oak trees and walking paths. There is plenty of space to move around, pay respects to famous residents or lounge on a blanket in the sun. Grant Park Market is nearby for food and refreshments if needed.

7. Brookhaven Park

Station: Brookhaven
Walk Time: 8 minutes

The only downside to the Brookhaven Park is that you have to walk along busy Peachree Road in order to get there. But once you reach the park, you can explore walking paths, nature trails, sports fields, basketball court, playground and picnic areas. If you live in walking distance of the park, you can also bring your dog — there’s a large off-leash area for your furry friend.

8. Candler Park

Station: Edgewood/Candler Park
Walk Time: 8 minutes

A popular spot for festivals, Candler Park is a large greenspace with a cozy neighborhood vibe. In addition to open fields, there’s a playground, swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and golf course. We recommend a stop at the Candler Park Market on McClendon Avenue before or after your visit to get refreshments or a sandwich.

9. Adair Park II

Station: West End
Walk Time: 8 minutes

There are two Adair Parks near the West End MARTA station, and Adair Park II is the closest. Park amenities include a playground, baseball field, tennis courts, grills, picnic shelters and open greenspace. The BeltLine Westside Trail is nearby for more exploration and outdoor recreation.

10. Winn Park

Station: Arts Center
Walk Time: 8 minutes

In the historic Ansley Park neighborhood, Winn Park is a charming park full of trees, a pond, grassy fields, playground and walking paths. Turn-of-the-century mansions next to the park add a stately and historic feel. If you feel like walking a bit further, additional neighborhood parks are next to Winn Park, or walk to the far side of the neighborhood to reach wooded paths that travel around the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Piedmont Park.

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