MARTA to the Trap Music Museum

The Trap Music Museum is at 630 Travis Street NW near two MARTA bus routes. In addition to a museum/art gallery, there is also an escape room and weekly “Trappy Hour” event at this location. See below for transit directions.

Train + Lyft or Uber

For the shortest Lyft or Uber ride from a MARTA station, take a red or gold line train to the North Avenue MARTA station, green line to Bankhead or blue line to the Vine City station (view train station map).

Bus 50

Bus 50 stops near the venue and departs from the North Avenue and Bankhead MARTA stations. It is free to transfer to the bus from a train, and the commute time on the bus is just 7 minutes. Use Google Maps to get complete bus stop and walking directions.

Bus 194

If your starting rail station is on the blue rail line, travel to the Vine City MARTA station and transfer to bus 194. The bus ride is 6 minutes. Exit next to Northside Drive (look for the public storage building).

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