MARTA to Origin Market

Origin Market is an independent and family-owned business at 117 MLK Jr. Drive, just a three-minute walk from the Five Points MARTA station. The focus is on fresh and healthy food, and you can stop by for breakfast, lunch, a bakery treat, fruit and other snacks. As a perk, it’s near government offices, including City Hall and the buildings where you report for jury duty and register your vehicle.


  1. Take any train to the Five Points Station
  2. Go to street level and exit via Peachtree Street
  3. Cross the street at the stoplight to enter the brick-paved Upper Alabama Street
  4. Walk to Pryor Street and turn right
  5. Turn right again on MLK Jr. Drive

Note: You can also walk south on Peachtree to MLK Jr. Drive, but we like the more pleasant and historic walk along Upper Alabama that features some of the oldest buildings in downtown Atlanta.

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