MARTA stations with the most crime in 2018

MARTA remains one of the safest transit systems in the United States. Although it isn’t crime-free, the station with the most reported crimes in fiscal year in 2018 only had 35 over 365 days. To learn more about the stations that made the 2018 list, read on, or view stations with the most and least crime in 2019. Number of crimes reported in parenthesis (source: MARTA Crime Stats).

Kensington (17)

On the blue line in the east, the Kensington MARTA station is a bus hub with eight connecting routes, more than most stations. Reported crimes were slightly up compared to 2017. However, the station is still below the all-time high of 30 reported in 2015.

Doraville, Oakland City, East Point (18)

Doraville at the end of the gold line along with East Point and Oakland City stations on the south red line all had 18 reported crimes in fiscal year 2018. Doraville reported crimes have been consistently up year over year, from 11 in 2017 and 5 in 2016. For East Point, the reverse is true. Crimes have been dropping each year at that station since 2015.

West End (25)

On the south red line, West End is near the Atlanta University Center and the BeltLine Westside Trail. Station Soccer opened after the 2018 Fiscal Year ended, and we’re hoping the extra activity and people at the station will make it safer in 2019.

Lindbergh Center (31)

A major transfer point between the red and gold lines, Lindbergh Center made the list of stations with the most crimes again in 2018. Reported crimes have steadily gone up in the past five years, up from 28 in 2017.

Five Points (35)


With slightly more reported crimes from last year, Five Points had 35, which is still a low overall number. This station is also the busiest station in the system, with a high volume of passengers, making the crime rate low. It’s worth noting that the surrounding area has its share of crimes as well. Pictured here is Trulia’s crime map with data gathered over the past year. The station is marked in red. Be aware of your surroundings when walking and don’t forget to use the See and Say app or text MARTA police at 404-334-5355 to report any suspicious or unruly behavior while at the station or on a bus or train.

For official crime reports and assistance call MARTA Police Services at (404) 848-4900.

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