MARTA bus 14: 14 reasons to ride

One of MARTA’s newest routes is bus 14, a West Midtown transit option that’s great for beginner riders due to its simple and relatively short route. It also opens up more work commute options for those who need to get to MARTA rail or jobs near 14th Street, Huff Road, Ellsworth Industrial Blvd., Chattahoochee Avenue and Marietta Blvd.

Even if you aren’t looking for a work bus, 14 is full of fun destinations to explore, including a film-worthy farm, unique restaurants and more than one stop with a skyline view. Here are 14 places to check out that make riding the bus totally worth it.

Tip: Connect with bus 14 at the Midtown MARTA station. It is free to transfer from MARTA rail to a bus. For more information, see How to Ride MARTA Buses.

1. Silver Skillet

Silver Skillet Atlanta
Photo by Eric Corriel/

The Silver Skillet has been serving up some serious Southern breakfasts since 1956. In addition to breakfast,the restaurant is open for lunch where you’ll find hearty lunch plates and big desserts. If you need to burn off some calories before or after your meal, the restaurant is a 14-minute walk away from the Arts Center MARTA station.

Time on Bus: 3 minutes
Bus Stop: 14th at Fowler

2. Crazy Cuban Sandwich Shop

One bus stop away from the Silver Skillet is the Crazy Cuban Sandwich Shop. Well, at least a sandwich cart in the parking lot on some days of the week. The restaurant is currently being rebuilt after fire damage, but you can have a unique tailgate experience while you satisfy your hot-pressed-sandwich cravings and support a local business.

Time of the Bus: 5 minutes
Bus Stop: 14th at Atlantic Dr.

3. Relapse Theatre

Looking for a new nightlife venue? Relapse Theatre is on 14th Street along the bus 14 route. Choose from improv shows, open mic nights and theatrical performances throughout the week.

Time on the Bus: 5 minutes
Bus Stop: 14th at Atlantic Dr.

4. Antico

Antico pizza
Photo by ttoes/

If you haven’t been to Antico yet, what are you waiting for? It’s hard to believe you’re still in Atlanta when you sit down for a meal here. The brick-oven pizza is served at communal tables or choose from romantic patio seating across the street under twinkling lights (where you’ll also find a European-inspired ice cream shop).

Time on the Bus: 6 minutes
Bus Stop: 14th at McMillan St

5. Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House

Six Feet Under in West Midtown has one of the few rooftop skyline views in Atlanta. You can order food or grab a drink at the outdoor bar while you soak in the city. We like the fried catfish, and there’s plenty other seafood options (and the requisite hush puppies). There is a six-minute walk down Howell Mill and 11th Street once you’re off the bus, but the view is worth it.

Time on the Bus: 10 minutes
Bus Stop: 14th at Howell Mill

6. Westside Provisions

Westside Provisions AtlantaRenovated and new buildings along the railroad tracks create a foodie hub in the Westside Provisions District. A charming pedestrian bridge over the tracks connects restaurants including JCT Kitchen and Little Star Provisions with Ormby’s and Marcel. Coffee shops, ice cream and retail stores round out the experience along with Cooks & Soldiers and Barcelona Wine Bar across the street.

Time on the Bus: 10 minutes
Bus Stop: 14th at Howell Mill

7. The Goat Farm Arts Center

A filming location for the “Hunger Games” and “The Walking Dead,” the Goat Farm is comprised of outdoor spaces with animals, historic warehouses and buildings, residences, art spaces and The Warhorse Coffee Joint. It’s hipster, it’s unique and you don’t have to drive to get there.

Time on the Bus: 10 minutes
Bus Stop: Huff Road at Foster Street

8. Gregg Irby Gallery

On Huff Road, the Gregg Irby Gallery showcases top emerging and established artists who specialize in painting and works on paper. While there, but sure to check out the vintage French doors and lights.

Time on the Bus: 12 minutes
Bus Stop: Huff Road at English Street

9. Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia has been one of Atlanta’s top restaurants since 1993, ranking #8 in Atlanta Magazine’s list of top 50 city restaurants in 2018. The new location is airy and industrial (no longer at Westside Provisions), where you can savor four course, prix fixe menus.

Time on the Bus: 14 minutes
Bus Stop: 1425 Ellsworth Industrial

10. Westside Market

If you’re in the mood for antique and unique shopping, don’t miss the Westside Market. Over 90 Artisian vendors fill the large complex with furniture, rugs and other home decor. Watch this video to get an inside look.

Time on the Bus: 16 minutes
Bus Stop: 1530 Ellsworth Industrial

11. Top Golf

Top Golf balls
Photo by Yelp/

Not just a nightlife hot spot, Top Golf opens at 9 a.m. daily for a full day’s worth of golf swings, food, drinks and lounging on the rooftop terrace. Bus service ends before 1 a.m., so you’ll need to find alternate transportation home if you ride MARTA there and plan to be out late.

Time on the Bus: 16 minutes
Bus Stop: 1530 Ellsworth Industrial

12. Second Self Beer Company

You gotta love a brewery that inspires you to live your dream. That’s what Second Self Beer Company is about, along with craft beers and various events that involve trivia, food pairings, yoga, comedy and Saturday tacos, yum.

Time on the Bus: 19 minutes
Bus Stop: Chattahoochee Ave at Logan Circle

13. Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Nuevo Laredo Atlanta beef nachos
Photo by foodiebuddha/

Before West Midtown got hip, Nuevo Laredo Cantina was cooking up authentic Mexican food in the untamed territory of the westside. The restaurant has been open since 1992 with specialties including chicken mole, chile rellenos and lobster tacos. It’s an Atlanta classic.

Time on the Bus: 20 minutes
Bus Stop: 1495 Chattahoochee Ave

14. Crest Lawn Memorial Park

Last but not least, Crest Lawn Memorial Park (actually a cemetery) is just down the street from Nuevo Laredo. Created in 1916, the cemetery is a sprawling 145 acres, contains multiple Jewish burial sites and has hilltop views of the Atlanta skyline. Burial properties are still being sold, so use the proper decorum if you explore the grounds.

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