MARTA to Honeycoated Nail Spa

Honeycoated Nail Spa is a small, local business offering massage and nail services at 235 E Ponce de Leon Avenue #303, a short walk from the Decatur MARTA Station on the blue line. Owner Niya Toppin uses products that are natural and non-toxic, including essential oils and honey, depending on the treatment. Choose from a variety of services including manicures, pedicures, deep tissue massage, sports massage and reflexology in a private setting (we tried the deep tissue massage and it was amazing).

Be sure to check Groupon for the latest deals (search for “Honeycoated Nail Spa” once on the site).


  1. Take a blue line train to Decatur
  2. Exit the station via Church Street and not Swanton Way (look for the tiled orange wall)
  3. Walk straight out of the station to the stoplight and cross the street at the light
  4. About a block down the street on the left is the parking lot for 235 E. Ponce (across from the Decatur Recreation Center)
  5. Walk through the parking lot to a sidewalk on the left of the building — there will be a business sign pointing to a side door into the building. If the door is locked, go around to the front of the building and enter off of E. Ponce. An elevator is near the restrooms that goes to the third floor.

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