Tech Throwback: Funniest MARTA Station Tips on Foursquare

Ah, Foursquare — one of the early location-based social media networks that has gone through many changes throughout the years. Part of the site was split into Swarm in 2014, but until then, it was one of the first online networks for check-ins and user tips. There are some interesting relics from back in the day, and MARTA stations weren’t immune from user-generated-content gone wild.

For a little entertainment and no-holds barred throwback thoughts on MARTA stations, read on.

Arts Center

  • There are weird hanging things like in a cave. Avoid them.

College Park

  • Shit runs like clockwork over here!


  • The most beautiful ‘Marta’ station I’ve ever been to. Clean, shiny, soothing elevator music, and it didn’t smell like urine. 🙂


  • Look out for the douches who don’t know how to park in kiss/ride

Edgewood/Candler Park

  • Great place to pick up chicks

Five Points

  • It’s always an adventure here

H.E. Holmes

  • The toilet here flushes itself lol

Inman Park

  • Take Dramamine for the swinging bridge over DeKalb Ave.


  • If you ever have to break someone out jail route 121 is your get away bus …. lol

King Memorial

  • Cold as hell in the winter time


  • If you hear your train, and you’re still upstairs, don’t bother running down the escalator; You’ve missed it.

Lindbergh Center

  • When the bus comes, let the people on it exit before you rush the door. I’m looking at you, people on the 39.


  • Provides great access to entertainment, restaurants, Piedmont Park, cultural institutions, businesses and – for Atlanta – a robust street life.

Peachtree Center

  • Looks like a great place to ride out a nuclear attack.

West End

  • Don’t park your car directly under the train tracks. The birds will crap all over it.

Note: Foursquare has a new website and Foursquare City Guide app if you want to check it out. And yes, there are tips!

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