8 Safest MARTA Stations in 2017

Would it surprise you to learn that multiple MARTA stations have 10 or less reported crimes over the course of an entire year? According to MARTA crime stats, 66% of rail stations can claim that safety record for fiscal year 2017. Here is the list of stations with the fewest crimes (see disclaimers on the MARTA Police website) and for official crime reports and assistance call MARTA Police Services at (404) 848-4900. The number of reported crimes are in parenthesis.

8. King Memorial (3)

The King Memorial MARTA station (pictured above) had just three reported crimes in fiscal year 2017, down from 15 crimes in 2016. Walk to an event at Oakland Cemetery or dine and drink at a restaurant on Memorial Drive, where the large Harp Transmission mixed-use project is underway. While the station is relatively safe, use caution if walking to the Martin Luther King Jr Historic Site from this location due to heavier crime near that area, per Neighborhood Scout’s crime map. As an alternate, catch a ride on the Atlanta Streetcar next to the Peachtree Center MARTA station to reach The King Center, MLK Jr.’s tomb and other landmarks.

7. Vine City (3)

The small Vine City station on the blue and green line is now across from the large Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Also near the upcoming YMCA Metro Atlanta Headquarters, the station’s annual reported crimes have dropped from 12 to 3 over the past three years. If you are an Atlanta University Center staff member or student, you can connect with a shuttle here to reach the nearby school campuses.

6. Georgia State (3)

Great news if you attend classes at Georgia State University or work near the Georgia Capitol. The Georgia State MARTA station continues to have low reported crimes year after year. It’s also a short walk away from Grady Hospital and the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

5. Brookhaven (3)

Northeast of Atlanta, the Brookhaven MARTA station is on the gold line is a short walk away from the Brookhaven Village, festivals, retail stores and restaurants (including a Waffle House that’s almost touching the MARTA tracks). Crime was down in fiscal year 2017 compared to 2016. According to Trulia’s crime data, the City of Brookhaven has low crime in general, though risk is higher if you walk south from the station along Peachtree Road.

4. Sandy Springs (3)

On the north red line, the Sandy Springs MARTA station is near office buildings, retail stores and a variety of housing. There’s also free daily parking and paid overnight parking, which is great if you are traveling to the airport. This station has had three or less yearly crimes since 2014, making it one of the safest in the system.

3. Buckhead (2)

The Buckhead MARTA station is conveniently in the middle of the Buckhead business and shopping district. Surrounded by retail stores, hotels, malls and office buildings, the station is great for work commutes or shopping trips, especially with all the road traffic in the area. Like Sandy Springs, the Buckhead station has consistently low crimes each year.

2. Medical Center (2)

The third station on the list that is on the north red line, the Medical Center station is surrounded by hospitals and medical offices. Back in 2014, the station had zero reported crimes, but has held steady at just two since.

1. Avondale (2)

Last, but not least, the Avondale MARTA station on the blue line only had two reported crimes in 2017. Additionally, nearby Avondale Estates is the safest neighborhood near a MARTA station. A transit-oriented development is planned next to the station that will include condos, apartments, senior living units and retail stores. View plans and latest updates online.

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