Top 5 MARTA Stations With the Most Crime in 2017

Your chances of being a crime victim on MARTA is small.

In fiscal year 2017, reported part I crimes (which include theft, assault and homicide) totaled 450 (an average of only 1.2 crimes per day), with the majority of crimes involving larceny, or theft of personal property, according to MARTA crime stats. While you should always be aware of your surroundings, when it comes to Atlanta’s rail system, some stations have more incidences than others. See below for the stations that had the most crime in fiscal year 2017 to learn more — the estimated number of crimes are marked in parenthesis.

For official crime reports and assistance call MARTA Police Services at (404) 848-4900 and view the stations with the most crime in 2018 for more recent data.

5. College Park (18)

On the south red and gold line, College Park is one stop away from the airport and has daily and long-term parking. Crimes were down compared to 2016, but high enough to make this year’s top five list. Be sure to contact MARTA police or use the See and Say app to report any suspicious activity.

4. West End (22)

The West End station is near downtown Atlanta and the Atlanta University Center. Crimes at this location are also down compared to 2016. The recently opened BeltLine Westside Trail is in walking distance of the station and new restaurants along with the Monday Night Garage brewery have popped up in the neighborhood, indicating a general trend toward revitalization.

3. East Point (24)

Also on the south red and gold lines like the two above stations, East Point MARTA station crimes remained steady from 2016 to 2017. It isn’t just MARTA, though. The City of East Point has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country. However, one highlight is that the walkable and historic downtown area next to the station has a lower crime rate than surrounding East Point neighborhoods, according to Neighborhood Scout.

2. Lindbergh Center (28)

Lindbergh Center made it back on the top five list for fiscal year 2017 after a temporary crime drop in 2016. There are three MARTA parking decks at the station, and if you park here or plan to park here, avoid leaving any items visibile in your car as a safety precaution. For pedestrians walking to a destination near Lindbergh Center, Trulia’s crime heat map shows that more incidents happen on the east side of Piedmont Avenue, near the retail stores, as opposed to the area immediately around the station.

1. Five Points (33)

The Five Points MARTA station (pictured above) continues to have the most reported crimes in the MARTA system. The crime peak in recent years was in 2014 with 41 reported crimes, and the number of crimes have been trending down since. As the largest and busiest station in the MARTA rail system, it isn’t a surprise that crimes are higher here. Outside of the station, Neighborhood Scout indicates that crimes are more prevalent south and east of the station (toward the Garnett MARTA station). We’re hoping that the recent announcement of a $500 million investment in the area will improve the safety and functionality of Atlanta’s oldest commercial district where the grand Terminal Station once brought thousands of people to Atlanta.

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