5 Breeze Card Hacks

Now that the new silver Breeze Cards are fully implemented, are you taking advantage of all the card has to offer? Whether you are a pro commuter or new rider, you can level up your Atlanta transit experience with these fare hacks to save time and money. Read on for tips and things you should know.

1. Reload and Purchase Online (1 to 500 cards)

You can manage and buy up to 14 Breeze Cards online via a personal account and add fare for MARTA, Cobb Linc, GCT and GRTA Xpress (click to get started). If you are adding fare to an existing card, you can usually ride trains immediately, but allow 24 hours for other fare products and bus fare activation.

Otherwise, allow two to five days for delivery of new cards.

Need more Breeze Cards? The online bulk sales option allows management and purchase of 15-500 cards.

But don’t forget that Breeze Cards expire after three years, so avoid reloading a card that is about to expire. Each card stored in your online account displays the expiration date (visible after log in) or via a Breeze Card machine in all train stations.

2. Save Time With Autopay

Are you frequently caught off guard when you run out of fare? Or are you tired of missing a train because you were held up at a Breeze Card vending machine? Sign up for autopay at BreezeCard.com for an automatic renewal of trips or passes so you’ll always be ready to go. You can freeze autopay for a set time if needed or cancel at any time. Note that you can only attach one debit or credit card to your online account.

Another autopay option might be with your employer via payroll deduction. Some businesses offer free or discounted fare cards if you order through work.

3. Regular Rider? Here’s How to Get a Discount

If you are a regular MARTA rider, such as a weekday school or work commuter, but don’t ride the system all week long or multiple times a day, purchase the 20-trip option. You’ll save about $8 compared to what you’d pay if you bought each trip individually.

Otherwise, regarding day passes, here are the trips you need to take in order to get a deal:

  • 1 Day Pass = At least four one-way trips on one day
  • 2 Day Pass = At least six one-way trips over two days
  • 3 Day Pass = At least seven one-way trips over three days
  • 4 Day Pass = At least eight one-way trips over four days
  • 7 Day Pass =  At least 10 one-way trips over seven days  (better deal than 10-trip option, but once you start using the pass, you have a week to ride whereas the trips can be used as any time and non-consecutively)
  • 30 Day Pass = At least 44 trips in a month. If you only ride MARTA five days a week to and from work, for example, buy two 20-trips.

4. Add Value on Buses

In addition to adding fare to your Breeze Card online or in MARTA stations, you can also do so on the bus. If you already own a Breeze Card, board the bus, feed your money into the fare box then tap your card on the sensor to get a free transfer and any remaining cash value. At minimum, if you are paying with cash and have a Breeze Card, be sure to tap to get a rail or bus transfer if needed.

5. Call to Protect Card Balance

If you haven’t enabled balance protection on your Breeze Card, you should do so as soon as possible in case your card is lost or stolen. It is a very simple and automated process. Just call 404-848-5000 and follow the prompts. If you lose your card and have fare or cash value on it, call the same number to activate a cancellation and have your balance moved to a new Breeze Card. Note that you’ll have to pay $2 for a replacement card.

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