Safest MARTA Stations in 2016

MARTA is one of the safest transit systems in the United States. Based on fiscal year 2016 crime statistics, there was an average of only 1.2 crimes per day across the entire system (total of 462 reported crimes). Larceny was the most common type of crime by far. But for the MARTA stations below, they had the fewest of any crimes and were the safest in 2016.

Avondale, Brookhaven, Doraville (5)

The Avondale, Brookhaven and Doraville stations are on or near the outer edges of their respective rail lines. All have free daily parking and Doraville also has overnight parking for a fee. Bonus: near the Avondale MARTA station is the safest neighborhood near a rail station.

Arts Center, North Springs, Lenox, Airport (4)

Great news for airport commuters — the number of crimes reported at the Airport MARTA station was only four in 2016. Likewise, Lenox station next to Lenox Square Mall, Arts Center next to the museums and performance halls and North Springs at the end of the red line all had the same amount of low crimes.

Sandy Springs (3)

With paid overnight and free daily parking, Sandy Springs is near retail stores, office buildings and a variety of housing options at the Perimeter Center. The closest movie theater to MARTA is also next to this station.

Medical Center (2)

The Medical Center MARTA station only had two reported crimes in 2016. There is nearby access to several hospitals and medical offices if you are looking for a doctor or a job in the health field.

Buckhead (1)

Coming in first as the safest station in 2016, the Buckhead MARTA station does not have any parking, but is in the middle of the Buckhead business district. Two malls, many retail stores, apartments, condos, office buildings, hotels and restaurants are in walking distance of this red line station.

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