Great news: MARTA’s already low crime numbers were noticeably down in 2016. According to MARTA crime statistics, in fiscal year 2016 ( July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016), the crime rate per 1 million riders was only 3.47%. With 462 total crimes reported — down from 530 in 2015 — that translates to an average of only 1.2 crimes per day across the entire transit system.

For specific crime information by station, see the list below. Different from previous years, problems were more focused at stations on MARTA’s south red and gold lines (with Garnett keeping the title of safest south line station). Lindbergh Center and Kensington, on the top five list in 2015, dropped off this year.

5. Lakewood (19)

Next to Fort McPhearson, which is not open to the public, the Lakewood MARTA station had the fifth most crimes in FY 2016. It is mainly a commuter station with bus service to the Lakewood Amphitheatre and limited amenities in walking distance, although there is an apartment community next to the station.

4. East Point and Oakland City (24)

Tied at 24 reported crimes each, the East Point and Oakland City stations are on the south line like all the stations on this list. Oakland City is a bus and commuter hub near the up and coming BeltLine while East Point has a walkable downtown area across the street from the station. As a plus, crimes at East Point were down compared to 2015, and East Point was the only station on the south line with a drop.

3. College Park (27)

With large parking lots for free daily and paid overnight parking, the College Park MARTA station is next to the airport and across the street from a historic downtown area. Number of crimes reported was almost the same as in 2015.

2. West End (29)

Near downtown Atlanta and the Atlanta University Center, the West End MARTA station had slightly more crimes this year compared to 2015. There is daily parking at the station, so be aware of your surroundings and remember to not leave anythig visible in your car if you park here. As a perk, AUC students and faculty can take advantage of the free shuttle across the street from the station to nearby college campuses if walking feels unsafe.

1. Five Points (?)

Despite repeated attempts to reach MARTA Police, there was no response regarding the missing crime data for Five Points and all west rail stations. Five Points has had the most reported crimes over the past two years (40 in 2015), making it safe to assume that it again had the most in 2016.

We can get an idea of crime numbers by taking a look at the total crimes for FY 2016 (462) and subtracting the crimes from all other lines and stations to see what is left.

There were 90 crimes reported on the east side, 93 on the north side and 159 on the south side. That leaves 120 crimes spanning Five Points and the six west side stations. Bankhead only had four crimes in 2015 and the Dome MARTA station only six, so the larger volumes of crimes have historically happened at Five Points, Vine City, Ashby and H.E. Holmes.

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