How to Use MARTA in Winter Weather

Snow and ice in Atlanta can quickly shut down the city. The Snow Jam in 2014 made it obvious that gridlock, bad road conditions and under-prepared residents can cause epic problems. Utilizing MARTA is just one option to avoid some of the traffic headaches and dangerous conditions when roads get slick. Here are some basic tips for planning ahead and using transit during bad weather.

Park and Ride

When roads get icy, driving as little as possible is key. If you’re lucky enough to work in walking distance of a MARTA station, park and take rail into work (in addition to school or events) on days when winter weather is in the forecast. View MARTA stations with free daily parking to find the station closest to your home.

Know Your MARTA Commute Options

Not sure which MARTA station is near you or which routes can help you get to and from your destination? Google Maps provides specific MARTA directions for bus and rail with commute times.

Use Real-Time Schedules

Delays are common when snow or ice covers the city. MARTA trains do run in the snow, but in a major winter weather event, trains may not be as frequent depending on available staff to operate the rail system. Be sure to download and use the MARTA on the Go app for real-time train arrivals and don’t rely on printed schedules during bad weather. The app also shows on a map the real-time location of buses.

Don’t want to download the app? Visit to view real-time train arrivals at each station.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Be familiar with interstate exits for MARTA stations in case road conditions become so poor that you need to get off the road. Additionally, many hotels are near MARTA, including three hotels via the free and 24-hour SkyTrain next to the Airport MARTA station if you can’t make it home.

And lastly, don’t forget gloves, warm layers and boots or shoes you can walk in!

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