Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here. If you’re traveling to the airport on MARTA or need to get around town on an upcoming holiday, view schedule information below to plan ahead. View 2017 holiday schedules for current year information.

Thanksgiving Day

All buses and trains will operate on Sunday schedule on Thanksgiving Day. Additionally, rail service will start one hour before the printed Sunday start time (around 5 a.m.) with trains every 20 minutes.

Day After Thanksgiving

On Friday, Nov. 26, buses and trains will be on a Saturday schedule. Trains will again start one hour before the printed Saturday start time (around 5 a.m.).

Christmas Eve

All trains and buses will be on a Saturday schedule on Christmas Eve. Rail service will begin around 6 a.m. with trains every 20 minutes.

Christmas Day

On Christmas, MARTA trains and buses will operate on a Sunday schedule. Rail service starts around 6 a.m.

Day After Christmas

Buses and trains will operate on Sunday schedule on Monday, Dec. 26.

New Year’s Eve

Due to all the Atlanta events on New Year’s Eve, trains will be running on a weekday service schedule with extended train frequency of every 12 minutes. Use the MARTA on the Go app for next train arrivals in real-time. Buses will run on Saturday schedules.

New Year’s Day

On January 1, 2017, all trains and buses will run on Sunday schedule.

Jan. 2, 2017

New Year’s Day will be observed on Monday, January 2, with trains and buses on Sunday schedule.

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