Safest MARTA Stations in 2015

Great news. MARTA is safer than you think, and many stations in the system are nearly crime-free. See below for the safest stations in 2015 along with the number of crimes reported. Larceny, or theft of personal items, was the biggest problem across the transit system, so always keep a watch on your belongings and report any suspicious behavior to MARTA police via phone, text or the MARTA See and Say App.

1. Sandy Springs (1)

With only one reported crime in 2015, the Sandy Springs MARTA station on the red line is currently the safest transit station in Atlanta. A large parking deck is next to the station for daily or long-term parking, and many shops, condos, townhomes, apartments and businesses are in walking distance. It’s a great station for commuters, shoppers or those looking for a place to live near MARTA.

2. Buckhead/Medical Center (2)

Also on the red line, the Buckhead and Medical Center stations had low reported crimes. Both stations are next to large employment centers — financial, media and health. Additionally, the Buckhead MARTA station (pictured above) is near apartments, condos and just about every retail store you can think of.

Buckhead Station Guide
Medical Center Station Guide

3. Avondale/Lenox (3)

More neighborhoody than some other stations, Avondale and Lenox are both on the edge of commercial areas with housing options. A mixed-used development is planned next to the Avondale MARTA station on the blue line, and downtown Decatur is a walk, bike ride or one MARTA stop away. Further out of the city, the Lenox MARTA station on the gold line is next to Lenox Square Mall, office buildings, apartments and retail stores. Plus, the station has a direct connection the airport during all service hours.

Avondale Station Guide
Lenox Station Guide

4. Bankhead/Midtown (4)

Bankhead returns to the list of safest stations for 2015, technically the smallest MARTA station in the system (was designed for only two rail cars vs. four). It is next to the BeltLine trail and historic Maddox Park.

With also four crimes reported in 2015, the Midtown MARTA station is the one-stop-shop for dining, living, clubbing, shopping, playing in the park. See Navigating the Midtown MARTA Station to learn more.

5. Georgia State/Dome/East Lake/Airport (6)

A four-way tie, the Georgia State, Dome, East Lake and Airport MARTA stations are the next safest in the MARTA system. Great for students, sports fans, convention goers, concert attendees and travelers, three of these stations provide access to activities and useful services. The other, East Lake, is a great neighborhood station suitable for young families and has free daily parking. View station guides below to view real estate, apartments and major attractions near each station.

Georgia State Guide
Dome Station Guide
East Lake Guide
Airport Station Guide

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